January 09, 2018    

National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

“Today is January 9, and it’s National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.  And I want to take a moment to thank those brave men and women who put on the uniform, each and every day before they go out into our communities to serve and protect the people of Massachusetts.  Law enforcement officers at all levels and in various agencies, have chosen a profession that puts their lives on the line and they have answered a call to public service that’s demanding, and in many times, unappreciated.

On National Law Enforcement Day, we have an opportunity to thank them for their service.  I hope you’ll join me in showing your support.  It can be sending a note of thanks to your local, or county or state police agency.   Or wearing blue.  Or simply shaking the hand of the next police officer you see today.  It all adds up to giving those in uniform, the respect they deserve.”

Geoff Diehl