May 16, 2018    

Diehl: Warren Proves Once Again Focused on Presidential Campaign

Whitman, MA … Today Representative Geoff Diehl, the endorsed Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, criticized Senator Elizabeth Warren for being more focused on a presidential bid than representing Massachusetts.

“Senator Warren proved again yesterday that her priority is not Massachusetts,” said Diehl.

After speaking at the Center for American Progress conference, Warren bragged in a tweet about donating $5000 to every Democratic State Party in the nation and then pledged to “double down” by sending $175,000 to win back legislatures.


“As a Massachusetts State Representative, I know firsthand that our legislature is overwhelmingly Democrat. So clearly, from her point of view, it doesn’t need to be won back,” said Diehl. “This latest pledge once again proves that Warren is focused on a Presidential run in 2020.”

Last month Warren traveled to Ohio to campaign for a Democrat Gubernatorial candidate. She also sent out multiple fundraising emails for candidates across the country.

“I strongly believe that Senator Warren should be donating the $175,000 to worthy Massachusetts causes such as Veterans Assisting Veterans or New Bedford fishermen who are hurting due to lack of action on fishing licenses,” said Diehl. “Warren should be working to help Massachusetts rather than feathering her political ambitions.”

“We don’t need Inspector Clouseau to solve this mystery. Warren’s fingerprints are all over a Presidential run,” said Diehl. “Massachusetts deserves a Senator who will be focused on our state — not organizing legislative campaigns across the nation. It’s time for a full-time Senator — not a part-time Senator, part-time author, and part-time presidential candidate.”

Diehl asked Warren in January to sign the following pledge:

The pledge states “I, ____, pledge to the people of Massachusetts that I will serve the full 6 year term, and focus solely on representing their interests in the United States Senate.”

Warren has refused to take Diehl’s pledge and refused to make the promise on “Meet the Press.”