June 09, 2018    

Diehl On Warren Speaking to Women Mayors Alliance

Boston, MA … Today Representative Geoff Diehl, the endorsed Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, commented on Senator Elizabeth Warren speaking to the Women Mayor Leadership Alliance.

“I know a couple of topics that Senator Warren will avoid in her speech today. They would be women’s pay and “all politics is local,” said Diehl. “While Senator Warren claims to be a women’s advocate, she doesn’t practice what she preaches. Her Senatorial office doesn’t pay women as much as men. From the moment she got elected, Warren has abandoned Tip O’Neil’s golden rule on paying attention to the home fires first and foremost.”

Last year it was reported that Warren only pays in her Senatorial office women 71 percent of what men earn. According to 2016 records, the annual earning for women staffers was $52,750 while men earned $73,750. Women earned $21,000 less than men.

Since announcing for Senate, Diehl has chronicled Warren’s travels across the country, highlighting how she is more focused on selling books and building a national profile to run for President.