July 02, 2018    

Diehl: Warren Avoids Commonwealth Commitment for 6 Months

Whitman, MA … Today Representative Geoff Diehl, the endorsed Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, criticized Senator Elizabeth Warren for failing to sign the “Commonwealth Commitment” to serve 6 years.

“It has been six months of silence from Senator Warren, who finds plenty of the time to campaign in other states. Massachusetts voters deserve an answer. Will she or won’t she sign the pledge to serve her entire term?” challenged Diehl.

The pledge states “I, ____, pledge to the people of Massachusetts that I will serve the full 6 year term, and focus solely on representing their interests in the United States Senate.”


“The Commonwealth deserves a full time Senator — not a part-time Senator, part-time author, and part-time presidential candidate,” said Diehl. “As your next U.S. Senator, my priorities will not be divided by selling books or running for another office. I will be there for Massachusetts from the time I get out of bed in the morning until my head hits the pillow in the evening.”

Over the past 6 months, Warren has traveled to New York, California, Nevada, and Ohio to name a few trips. She has also sent out emails fundraising for elections in Texas, Florida, California, and Ohio along with donating $5000 to every Democrat State Party in the nation.

“It is clear to the media, pundits and voters that Senator Warren is not focused on her job as she claims. Last summer, she traveled more to Georgia than Cape Cod. Ten days ago she was in Reno,” said Diehl. “Voters deserve the truth from Senator Warren. She will either sign the promise to the people, or she won’t. It is time for her to end the silence on the pledge.”

To educate voters on Warren’s travels and focus out of state, Diehl launched the “Where’s Warren” effort which was featured on Fox & Friends. The Facebook page and Twitter account track Warren’s non-Massachusetts efforts.

“Senator Warren has put Massachusetts into the rearview mirror. She has been more focused on selling books, building a national profile, and raising money for liberal candidates than doing her job. As the next United States Senator, I will be for the people of Massachusetts. I will put the people first – not politics,” said Diehl.

“I will be coming home to Massachusetts when the Senate is not in session,” said Diehl. “We need a Senator who will be there for the people the entire six years — not just 18 months before an election.”