July 08, 2018    


Warren More Focused on Presidential Race By Calling for the Abolishment of ICE

Natick, MA … Today, Representative Geoff Diehl, the endorsed Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, promised to be a full-time Senator for Massachusetts and criticized Senator Elizabeth Warren for being focused on running for President.

“Don’t be fooled by these town hall meetings. Before announcing her re-election campaign, she had only held 5 town hall meetings during her tenure in office. Warren has spent her time in office building a national profile and selling books rather than focusing on the needs of Massachusetts,” said Diehl.

“We have a serious opioid epidemic confronting the Commonwealth, which has been especially hard hitting in Natick. Yet, our Senator has called for the abolishment of ICE. These law enforcement officials help keep us safe by removing drug dealers off our streets. Her extreme position on ICE is not helpful to Massachusetts. However, it is crucial for her in a Democrat Presidential Primary bid, so we know where her loyalties lie and it’s not with being the Senator from Massachusetts,” said Diehl. “The Commonwealth deserves better than a part-time Senator who is more focused on a presidential race than doing her job. I will be a full time Senator who will put Massachusetts first. We will be keeping ICE on my watch and working to end the opioid epidemic in the Commonwealth. Furthermore, I will not wait until election year to file a bill on the problem.”

Diehl is promising to be accessible to Natick residents. He plans on turning his campaign RV into a mobile office so he can visit with residents during his entire term- not just leading up to an election like Warren is doing.

Last January, Diehl asked Warren to sign a 6 year pledge promising to serve the entire term. Not only has she refused to sign the pledge, but she has continued to campaign all across the country in states such as Ohio, New York, California, and Georgia to name a few. She has also donated $5000 to every Democrat state party in the nation.

“Senator Warren says she is not running for President. But her actions don’t match her words. It is like when she claims to be concerned about the cost of college education, but accepted $350,000 to teach one class at Harvard. It is like when she advocates for equal pay for women, but doesn’t pay women in her senatorial office the same amount as men. It is like when she complains about insurance companies, but she takes a big paycheck from them for denying claims for asbestos victims,” said Diehl.

To hit the ground running as the next Senator, Diehl has developed multiple plans to address important issues such as the opioid epidemic, veterans, illegal immigration, and reviving the fishing industry. Diehl has promised not to write any books while serving as Senator. He will only have one job—being a full time Seantor.

“Voters will know how I am going to make a positive difference for them,” added Diehl