Braintree, MA … Today, Representative Geoff Diehl, the endorsed Republican candidate for United States Senate, announced that writer and economist Stephen Moore will be the featured speaker at an event on Monday, August 6th.

“I am extremely pleased that Stephen Moore is supporting my candidacy to unseat Senator Elizabeth Warren, especially after her recent interview in which she committed to repealing the successful tax reform package and would not rule out individual taxes in excess of 50 percent,” said Diehl. “I look forward to him sharing his views on the economy, our nation’s economic outlook and forecasting on unemployment.”

Stephen Moore is an economic policy analyst. He founded and served as president of the Club for Growth from 1999 to 2004. Moore is a former member of the Wall Street Journal editorial board. In 2014, The Heritage Foundation announced that Moore would become its Chief Economist. Moore is known for advocating free-market policies and supply-side economics. He has been an economics analyst for both Fox News and CNN. Moore’s work appears regularly in the Wall Street Journal, The Washington Times, and various publications including The Weekly Standard and National Review. In 1987, Moore was research director for President Ronald Reagan’s Privatization Commission.

“Senator Warren has failed to support pro-growth policies that create new jobs and higher wages. If she had her way, unemployment and under-employment would still be plaguing our nation’s workers. Despite her vote against tax reform, Massachusetts has benefitted from lowering the corporate tax rate and now leads the nation with historic unemployment, unanticipated tax collections in excess of $1.2 billion and 80 percent of taxpayers getting a reduction in their federal income taxes. Warren is a tax-and-spend liberal who doesn’t support the private sector or small businesses,” said Diehl. “This event with Stephen Moore will be a great opportunity to talk about economic policies and how to keep the economy rolling,” said Diehl.