August 07, 2018    


Boston, MA … Today Representative Geoff Diehl (R-Whitman), the endorsed Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, defeated his two opponents in the Boston Herald debate. He showed that he has the best chance of defeating Elizabeth Warren and the record voters can trust.

While others talk about issues, Diehl has a proven track record on the important issues. Diehl highlighted the fact that he was able to provide the only tax cut Massachusetts taxpayers have had in 7 years. He talked about leading the successful grassroots team to repeal automatic gas tax cuts. Unlike his opponents, Diehl has won tough races.

Diehl criticized Warren for suggesting that the tax rate should range from 50 to 90% of income. “I want to put money in people’s wallets. Warren wants to grab it for bigger government,” said Diehl.

When it came to the topic of illegal immigration, Diehl talked about his trip to the border to see the need for a wall and his efforts to fight illegal immigration at the State House. Diehl was one of three votes against the state budget that included a giant loophole to allow illegal immigrants to get a driver’s license. He called out Warren for wanting to abolish ICE.

Not only does Diehl have a proven track record on the issues, but he is the only candidate with plans to hit the ground running on day one. Diehl has released plans to fight the opioid epidemic, end illegal immigration, revive the fishing industry and help our veterans.

Diehl used much of his time to outline the differences between himself and Warren. He criticized the incumbent for being a part-time Senator, part-time author and part-time presidential candidate. Diehl has saved taxpayers money. Warren has not.

During the debate, Diehl showed he had full command of the issues unlike his opponents who lacked knowledge on important federal and state issues. Diehl is the only candidate capable of defeating Warren. This is why he won a three way convention by a margin of 30 points.

At points during the debate, his opponents were endorsing Geoff’s positions and stands on the issues, showing how much he is a true leader.

The debate was moderated by Joe Battenfeld and Hillary Chabot of the Boston Herald.