August 09, 2018    

Diehl: Warren’s Statements Encourages Threats to Law Enforcement

Woburn, MA …Today Representative Geoff Diehl, the endorsed Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, criticized Senator Elizabeth Warren for creating an environment that is anti-law enforcement which is threatening the lives of the men and women who are sworn to protect us.

Federal prosecutors in Boston have charged Brandon Ziobroski for tweeting that he would pay anyone $500 who kills an ICE agent.

“We now have a man putting a bounty on the heads of ICE agents. Senator Warren’s irresponsible statements are partially to blame.  She has a responsibility to support our law enforcement officials.  Her calls to abolish ICE and painting the entire criminal justice system racists are reckless and dangerous.  She needs to both retract and apologize  immediately,” said Diehl.

While in New Orleans, Warren stated the following: “Let’s just start with the hard truth about our criminal justice system.  It’s racist.  It is. And when I say our system, I mean all the way.  I mean front to back.”  At another rally Warren called for the abolishment of ICE.

“We need a Senator who will support our police and not throw them under the bus to score political points.  Warren should be putting public safety first.  Instead she is prioritizing her White House political ambitions to the detriment of law enforcement,” said Diehl.

“I have disagreed with lenient judges, but I have never condemned the entire system,” said Diehl, who has fought against Judge Feeley who released a drug dealer.  “Warren is completely missing the point as to the problem within the criminal justice system.  We have some bad judges who are putting criminals back onto our streets.  We need to support the police who are risking their lives every day to lock up dangerous criminals and remove judges who are allowing their iberal beliefs to fail the public.”

Diehl supports keeping ICE and a recent Boston field report supports his stance.  Between March 19 to May 30, 2018 ICE identified 456 illegal individuals warranting removal in Massachusetts, and issued over 200 detainers. These individuals were arrested for crimes including rape, assault, firearms possession, drug distribution & trafficking, domestic violence, DUI, among others. Due to sanctuary policies, 130 of those 456 individuals were released from state custody.

“ICE is protecting us from some very dangerous people.  Senator Warren should look beyond her 2020 Presidential talking points.  Her pro-illegal immigrant position not only encourages more people to dangerously cross our borders, but it would also allow 200 dangerous criminals including rapists back on our streets,” said Diehl.

The field report exposes how sanctuary policies are allowing dangerous criminal illegal immigrants back onto our streets in Massachusetts.  Here are a few examples:


  • In April, an illegal, who was previously deported and had convictions for assault & battery, was arrested for raping a Boston College student. The Newton District Court did not turn him over to ICE.
  • In January, two illegal heroin dealers were arrested, but Worcester’s sanctuary policies prevented ICE from detaining them, and they were released.
  • In February, a fugitive alien who was arrested for domestic violence was released by the Lawrence District Court.
  • Also, in February, an illegal, who was facing removal proceedings, was arrested for armed robbery. The Lawrence District Court released him.
  • In March, a previously deported illegal was arrested for possession of cocaine. He was released by Newton District Court.

The field office also reports that there were a “high number of removable aliens charged with the distribution of heroin and fentanyl released from state custody without the notification of ICE.”

In 2017 ICE made 33,000 arrests of criminal illegal immigrants and they confiscated 2,600 pounds for fentanyl at the border.

“By enacting sanctuary policies and intentionally disregarding ICE detainers, Massachusetts agencies are not only purposefully hindering federal activities, they are protecting and releasing violent criminals into our neighborhoods.  The evidence is clear that ICE is protecting the citizens of the Commonwealth and that Senator Warren is just plain wrong for wanting to abolish ICE. Our United States Senator should always be putting the public safety of our citizens ahead of illegal aliens,” said Diehl.