Law Enforcement Support Continues to Grow for Diehl

Worcester, MA…Today Representative Geoff Diehl, the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, proudly announced that he has received the endorsement of Sheriff Lew Evangelidis.  Diehl has now won the endorsement of three Massachusetts Sheriffs.

“As sheriff, my primary responsibility is public safety,” said Sheriff Evangelidis. “Our current senator’s policies and rhetoric have done nothing but divide us and endanger those in law enforcement. We need a United States Senator like Geoff Diehl, who will have our back instead of someone who puts us in a position where we need to watch our backs.”

Support from the law enforcement community across the Commonwealth has mounted since Diehl’s decisive primary win.  Yesterday, Diehl proudly announced the endorsement of Worcester’s NEPBA Local 911 which rarely endorses candidates.  Among the law enforcement groups that have publicly endorsed the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate:

  • Sheriff Tom Hodgson
  • Sheriff Jim Cummings
  • Everett Police Superior Officers Local 95
  • Everett Police Patrolman’s Local 94
  • Norfolk County Correction Officers
  • Massachusetts Municipal Police Coalition

Diehl won the Republican convention by a thirty-point margin and the Primary by 29 points.  He has been earning many endorsements including: Representatives David DeCoste, Marc Lombardo, Jim Lyons, Shaunna O’Connell, Lenny Mirra and Peter Durant, Senator Bob Hedlund, Youth Conservatives of Massachusetts, former New England Patriots Fred Smerlas, Steve Grogan, and Matt Light, Red Sox Champion Curt Schilling, comedian Lenny Clark and broadcaster John Dennis, to name a few. Diehl was the first candidate to receive a major law enforcement endorsement. Last week he received the endorsement of former Governor’s Councilor David Constantine (D-New Bedford).