Diehl Wins Boston Police Endorsement


Diehl First Republican To Receive This Endorsement

BOSTON, MA—Today, surrounded by Boston Police officers, Geoff Diehl, the Republican nominee, announced that he has won the endorsement of the Boston Police Patrolmen Association (BPPA).  The association does not typically endorse in federal races.  It is another major sign of growing momentum for Diehl.

“The choice is very clear,” said Mike Leary, BPPA president. “We have an advocate who will fight for Boston police personnel as opposed to someone who undermines our efforts to keep neighborhoods safe. Geoff Diehl is our candidate for U.S. Senate.”

The BPPA represents over 2000 police—the third largest force in New England—who put their lives on the line to keep Boston safe.

“I am honored and humbled by their support. Every day they courageously work to keep our streets safe.  They need a selected Senator who will have their back not throw them under the bus to score political points.  Warren calls them racists.  I call them heroes,” said Diehl.

“Earlier this year I was able to ride along with a police gang unit.  It was an eye-opening experience.  Our police are on the frontlines of fighting the drug war.  As a father and husband, I am truly grateful for their efforts and the risks they take.  They can count on me to stand up for them in Washington,” said Diehl.  “When elected, I will continue to do the ride-alongs to learn from our police on a firsthand basis.”

Support from the law enforcement community across the Commonwealth has ramped up for Diehl. Among the law enforcement officials and groups publicly endorsing the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate:

  • Sheriff Tom Hodgson
  • Sheriff Jim Cummings
  • Sheriff Lew Evangelidis
  • Everett Police Superior Officers Local 95
  • Everett Police Patrolman’s Local 94
  • Worcester Police Officers Local 911
  • Norfolk County Correction Officers
  • Massachusetts Municipal Police Coalition
  • New England Benevolent Police Association

Diehl won the Republican convention by a thirty-point margin and the Primary by 29 points.  He has earned many endorsements including: Representatives David DeCoste, Marc Lombardo, Jim Lyons, Shaunna O’Connell, Lenny Mirra and Peter Durant, Senator Bob Hedlund, former New England Patriots Fred Smerlas, Steve Grogan, and Matt Light, Red Sox Champion Curt Schilling, comedian Lenny Clark and broadcaster John Dennis, to name a few.  He has also received endorsements from former Governor’s Councilor David Constantine (D-New Bedford) and Former Mayor and State Representative Bob Correia (D-Fall River).