Diehl Wins Federal Law Enforcement Nod


BOSTON, MA—Geoff Diehl has received the official endorsement of the National Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Council Local 207 the campaign announced today. The endorsement by the Boston-based ICE Council Local 207 represents the 9thlaw enforcement agency association to publicly back the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate and marks the first federal agency association to publicly support his bid to unseat Elizabeth Warren. This is the first public endorsement ever of a Massachusetts candidate.

“As the next U.S. Senator from Massachusetts, my goal will be to empower the men and women in the field instead of undermining them,” said Rep. Diehl. “Our officers need to feel that we support their efforts to keep our state safe and that they’ll have the resources for them to do their jobs—they have enough adversaries without having to worry about their elected officials.”

“On behalf of the men and women of the Boston, Massachusetts based National ICE Council Local 207 whom I represent, I am proud to endorse Geoff Diehl for U.S. Senate,” said Joe Parlon, President of ICE Council Local 207.  “At a time like this, with our officers and personnel under assault from not just criminals and gang members but reckless politicians like Elizabeth Warren, it’s reassuring to know that Geoff Diehl has our backs.”

“Our officers and support staff simply want to go out and do our jobs, enforce our laws, and keep our communities safe each and every day,” said President Parlon. “We know that Representative Diehl shares our passion for public safety and once elected to the U.S. Senate, will fight to make sure we can keep criminals off our streets in Massachusetts and around the country. I want to thank Representative Diehl for taking a stand and supporting the brave men and women of law enforcement, and that’s why we’re proud to stand with him.”

“Certain elected officials and politicians seeking higher office have engaged in hateful and often false rhetoric against our officers and employees encouraging widespread death threats and the targeting of ICE officers, employees, and their families,” said Chris Crane, National President of the National ICE Council. “For these so-called leaders to enflame this type of hatred toward our officers and staff – at a time when law enforcement personnel are being targeted and have been assassinated on our nation’s streets – marks a truly dark time in our country’s history. It’s comforting to know that some, like Representative Geoff Diehl, still understand the value and importance of supporting the brave and courageous men and women of law enforcement.”

“Geoff Diehl understands that national security, or even basic border security, does not exist without the interior enforcement of a nation’s immigration laws, as the horrific events of 9/11 and indeed terrorist attacks worldwide have proven,” said President Crane. “With over 2 million criminal aliens estimated to be currently residing in the U.S., our jails and prisons are already dramatically overcrowded and local police are often overwhelmed, begging for ICE and its resources to assist in making our communities safer.

President Crane continued: “Those calling for the abolishment of ICE, like Elizabeth Warren, don’t understand the significant threat to our nation’s security and the safety of American communities that their ideas present. Thankfully, the law enforcement professionals of ICE have no greater friend than Geoff Diehl and I look forward to working with him as a U.S. Senator.”

The National ICE Council represents the over 6,000 rank and file ICE law enforcement officers and support personnel who enforce our nation’s immigration laws, apprehend dangerous criminals and keep our communities safe each and every day. The men and women of ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) serve in all 50 states, Guam, Puerto Rico, Saipan, and the U.S. Virgin Islands and in Fiscal Year 2017 made 143,470 overall administrative arrests. Of these arrests, 92 percent had a criminal conviction, a pending criminal charge, were an ICE fugitive or were processed with a reinstated final order. (Source: Fiscal Year 2017 ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations Report.)

Support from the law enforcement community across the Commonwealth has surged in the past few weeks. Among the law enforcement officials and groups publicly endorsing the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate:

  • Sheriff Tom Hodgson
  • Sheriff Jim Cummings
  • Sheriff Lew Evangelidis
  • Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association
  • Everett Police Superior Officers Local 95
  • Everett Police Patrolman’s Local 94
  • Worcester Police Officers Local 911
  • Norfolk County Correction Officers
  • Massachusetts Police Association
  • Massachusetts Municipal Police Coalition
  • New England Benevolent Police Association

Diehl won the Republican election by a thirty-point margin and the Primary by 29 points.  He has earned many endorsements including: Representatives David DeCoste, Marc Lombardo, Jim Lyons, Shaunna O’Connell, Lenny Mirra and Peter Durant, Senator Bob Hedlund, former New England Patriots Fred Smerlas, Steve Grogan, and Matt Light, Red Sox Champion Curt Schilling, comedian Lenny Clark and broadcaster John Dennis, to name a few.  He has also received endorsements from former Governor’s Councilor David Constantine (D-New Bedford) and Former Mayor and State Representative Bob Correia (D-Fall River).

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