October 11, 2018    

Diehl: Warren Bad for Massachusetts Businesses and Jobs

Diehl Will Work to Keep Economy Rolling

Randolph, MA… Today at the South Shore Chamber of Commerce Representative Geoff Diehl, Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, assured the small business community that he will promote policies to grow jobs and keep the economy rolling.  He also criticized Senator Elizabeth Warren’s failed record on the economy and warned that her desire to raise taxes 50 to 90 percent would be devastating to Massachusetts.

“My wife and I put our life savings to start her studio.  We worked for a long time before taking a paycheck.  I know the difficulties business owners face and how government can make it hard to be an entrepreneur.  As your next Senator, you can count on me to be a jobs Senator,” said Diehl.  “I will cut needless regulations and keep taxes low.”

“Warren has never created a job.  She doesn’t believe that you built your business.  And, she wants to raise taxes 50 to 90 percent. In Washington, she has voted to make it more difficult to own and operate a small business and filed legislation to give government control over your businesses,” said Diehl.  “Even now, as it is clear the tax reform plan worked, Warren wants to repeal it, so we can go back to an economy of no growth and stagnant wages.  I believe you deserve better from your Senator.”

According to ratings from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Warren votes against pro-growth policy 67 percent of the time.  The National Federation of Independent Business, a leading small business association, rates Warren as only voting 13 percent of the time in favor of small business.

As a legislator, Diehl has earned a perfect rating with NFIB.

“Unlike Warren, I support the tax package that gave 80 percent of Massachusetts residents a tax break. We have seen the positive results here such as the state having a billion dollar revenue surplus, increasing wages and record low unemployment.  You need a Senator who will keep it rolling not roll back the clock to the days of no growth and no jobs,” said Diehl.

Diehl will make repealing the medical device tax a priority when elected.  He knows that the tax is hurting Massachusetts businesses.

“My opponent is focused on running for president.  I will be focused on helping local businesses by repealing costly regulations and taxes which will hurt Massachusetts job creators,” added Diehl.