October 11, 2018    

Diehl Wins Another Law Enforcement Endorsement

Warren’s Open Border Policy Disaster for Massachusetts

Brockton, MA—Today Geoff Diehl, the Republican nominee, announced that he has won another law enforcement endorsement.  The Association of Plymouth County Employees (the Union of Plymouth County Corrections Officers) has thrown their support behind Diehl.

“I am honored that Plymouth County Correction Officers have put their faith in my candidacy.  While they serve on the frontlines of keeping us safe, I will have their backs in Washington.  As the next Senator, I will make public safety a priority,” said Diehl.

“Our correction officers are the frontlines of ICE policy and Geoff Diehl is the only candidate who is supporting our efforts,” said Tom Nigrelli, President of the Association of County Employees. “We need a U.S. Senator who will rely on the hard facts and who views public safety as the priority instead of overblown rhetoric to advance an agenda.”

“Unlike Warren, I take law enforcement issues very seriously.  That’s why I rode along with the police gang unit to see firsthand what was happening on our streets.  I made the time.  Warren has not,” said Diehl.  “She had time to travel to Louisiana and call the entire criminal justice system racist from front to back.  She had time to go Nevada, New York, California, and Ohio.  She had time to sell books.  Yesterday, she had time to go to Georgia to promote her presidential ambitions, but she has never made the time to do a ride along with our police. If she could stay in state for a day, she would learn how these brave men and women put their lives on the line every day.”

“Warren’s position on open borders continues to be proven wrong.  She would allow MS-13 to flow over the borders and increase violent crimes on our streets.  She’s wrong! We need to keep MS-13 out of Massachusetts and out of our country,” said Diehl.

Gang members from El Salvador have been sent here to organize, increase drug trafficking and ramp up high school recruitment.  MS-13 is known for their savage attacks which often involve knives.  Recently a MS-13 gang member was sentenced to 36 years for the murder of a 15 year-old boy on an East Boston beach.

“Warren doesn’t stand with law enforcement.  She wants to abolish ICE.  And she believes in open borders.  That’s three strikes!  She’s out,” said Diehl.  “Our cities need a Senator who will support law enforcement and fight to keep our streets safe.  Senator Warren is not interested in keeping our streets safe or even in Massachusetts.”

Diehl has been racking up major law enforcement endorsements.  Last week, the Boston Police Patrolmen Association (BPPA), which typically doesn’t endorse in federal races, endorsed Diehl. The BPPA represents over 2000 police—the third largest force in New England—who put their lives on the line to keep Boston safe.

Other law enforcement endorsements of the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate include:


  • Sheriff Tom Hodgson
  • Sheriff Jim Cummings
  • Sheriff Lew Evangelidis
  • Everett Police Superior Officers Local 95
  • Everett Police Patrolman’s Local 94
  • Worcester Police Officers Local 911
  • Norfolk County Correction Officers
  • Massachusetts Municipal Police Coalition
  • New England Benevolent Police Association
  • ICE