October 29, 2018    

Larry Ellison Endorses Geoff Diehl

BOSTON, MA – Larry Ellison, the head of Massachusetts Association of Minority Law Enforcement Officers (MAMLEO), the non-profit with a mission to improve the overall recruitment, hiring, and career advancement of minority police officers, has endorsed Geoff Diehl for U.S. Senate, following the Black America’s PAC support of his candidacy.

“With the support of 18 law enforcement unions and so many uniformed officers who reflect the ethnically diverse makeup of our cities, it’s no surprise the Black America PAC has chosen to support Geoff Diehl,” said Larry Ellison, president of the Massachusetts Association of Minority Law Enforcement Officers (MAMLEO). “As a candidate who sees beyond identity politics, Geoff Diehl represents our best hope in the U.S. Senate for expanding opportunity for minority Massachusetts citizens. I am proud to endorse him and believe he will make a great U.S. Senator.”

“The key to ending racial disparity is through job creation and economic growth,” said Geoff Diehl. “Empowerment of the black community, the Hispanic and Latino communities, and all communities of color, starts with ensuring economic opportunity is there for us all—I’m proud to accept the support of Larry Ellison and will work to foster greater opportunity for those communities who are too often neglected.”

The Black America’s PAC (BAMPAC) is part of a growing number of national groups that have taken notice of Geoff Diehl’s race for U.S. Senate. The registered unaffiliated, non-partisan Political Action Committee backs candidatessupporting common sense solutions to complex public policy problems including the expansion of economic opportunities to historically disadvantaged sectors in America. BAMPAC has supported hundreds of candidates through its political advocacy, and they serve faithfully on the local, state, and federal levels of government. BAMPAC has traditionally backed candidates who support criminal justice reform and empowerment/enterprise zones.