October 31, 2018    

Has Warren ‘Checked Into” Improper Fundraising? She needs to Return the Money

New Bedford, MA…Today in New Bedford after a decisive debate victory Representative Geoff Diehl, the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, asked if Senator Elizabeth Warren has “checked into” her improper fundraising.

Earlier this week the watchdog group, the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust, filed an ethics complaint about Warren sending out fundraising emails during the Supreme Court nomination process asking for donations for her vote.  Despite several news stories regarding the ethics complaint, Warren claimed last night during the debate she did not know about it.

“It has been roughly 20 hours since the debate. Has she checked into the matter?” asked Diehl.

“Warren claims she wants to end corruption in Washington.  However, she is part of the problem.  She uses every issue for grandstanding and raising money for her war chest.  This time she has gone too far,” said Diehl.

Senators are allowed to solicit donations for political causes, but asking for donations for quid-pro-quo is illegal.  Senators are not allowed to cash in for political purposes.  Warren sent out an email saying she would attempt to delay Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination but included an ask for campaign contributions.

“Warren should immediately return the contributions she illegally solicited.  Her re-election campaign should not benefit from her abusing her position,” said Diehl.