October 31, 2018    

TRICK OR TREAT: Part-Time Warren or Full-Time Diehl?

Hopkinton, MA…Today in Hopkinton after a decisive debate victory Representative Geoff Diehl, the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, kicked off his 5 day statewide tour to victory.  Today’s theme on Halloween is trick or treat.

“Voters have a choice on November 6thbetween a full time Senator or a part-time Senator, part-time author and part-time presidential candidate.  My priorities will not be divided,” said Diehl.

Last night at the WCVB debate, Diehl showed that he was the candidate who will put Massachusetts first while Elizabeth Warren is focused on being the chief obstructionist in Washington.

“After 6 years with Warren as the Senator, the Massachusetts voters deserve a treat.  I will be 100% for Massachusetts.  Whether it is fighting the opioid epidemic or fighting to save our state’s fishing industry, people will finally have a Senator they can count on,” said Diehl.

Unlike Warren, Diehl is committed to being accessible to residents.  He will hold a minimum of 12 town hall meetings each year.  Warren only held 5 meeting over a 5 year period until she announced for re-election.  She has spent more time selling books than meeting with Massachusetts voters.

Diehl has also promised to turn his ‘Diehl on Wheels’ RV into a mobile office that will go town to town to meet with constituents. Diehl will listen not lecture.

“I will not vote against Massachusetts as Warren did,” said Diehl.

Warren voted against the 21stCentury Cures Act that contained $12 million for the Commonwealth to fight opioid addiction and millions of dollars for medical research.  Warren was the only member of the Massachusetts delegation to vote against this critical bill which is trying to cure deadly diseases such as brain cancer.

“It is unconscionable that she voted against this bill.  I cannot understand why we cannot be united in finding a cure for cancer,” said Diehl.

“My focus will be solely on helping the good people of Massachusetts,” said Diehl.