November 01, 2018    

Warren Puts White House Dreams Ahead of Massachusetts AGAIN

Diehl Releases Video of Congressional Members Unable to Name Warren Accomplishment

Braintree, MA … Today, while Senator Elizabeth Warren was once again out of state pursuing her White House ambitions, Representative Geoff Diehl, candidate for U.S. Senate, released a video of three Massachusetts Congressional members unable to name a Warren accomplishment.

Congressional members Seth Moulton, Mike Capuano and Katherine Clark were stumped when asked if they could name one thing she has passed for the Commonwealth.

“This video should not be surprising considering that from the moment Warren got elected, she has put Massachusetts in the rearview mirror.  Her top priority is her presidential ambitions not our state. She cannot even stay here for 5 days,” said Diehl.  “Massachusetts deserves a Senator who will work for us.”

Warren cares so little about Massachusetts, she is on the campaign trail in Wisconsin and Ohio instead of New Bedford or Gloucester.

“I would suggest that the press call Warren for reaction, but she is not here again,” said Diehl.

Warren has failed Massachusetts in constituent service.  It took her 113 days to return a call to veterans.  She only held 5 town hall meetings in 5 years. She voted against the 21stCentury Cures Act which had $12 million for the Commonwealth to fight the opioid epidemic.  It also contained millions in medical research funding.

Warren has ignored the fishing industry.  Right now, boats are stuck at the docks due to lack of federal action.

Massachusetts did not get the Army Futures Command Center.

Warren voted against giving 80 percent of residents a tax break.

Warren has never marched in a Memorial Day Parade.

“I will be 100% for Massachusetts!” said Diehl.

As the next U.S. Senator, Diehl will hold a minimum of 12 town hall meetings per year.  He will turn his ‘Diehl on Wheels’ RV into a mobile office to go from town to town to meet with constituents.

Diehl also has aggressive plans to fight the opioid epidemic, reviving the fishing industry, and help our veterans.  He will hit the ground running on day one.