July 05, 2017    

Grow Jobs

Massachusetts needs a jobs Senator.  Geoff Diehl has the proven track record of supporting the economic engine of our state and country – small business.  As our next U.S. Senator, Geoff will push for regulatory and tax reform that will get government off the backs of small business so they can create more jobs.  When employment grows, there is competition for employees which raises wages. Geoff Diehl will grow small business jobs, not government jobs.

July 05, 2017    

Stop Illegal Immigration

Protecting our borders is about protecting our future.  The growing problem of illegal immigration jeopardizes national security and is costing us billions of tax dollars.  Geoff Diehl supports secure borders.  He is the only candidate in this race with a proven track record of fighting illegal immigration.  We can trust him in Washington to support building the wall, requiring employer verification, withholding funds to sanctuary cities, and prohibiting illegal aliens from receiving taxpayer-funded government benefits.

July 05, 2017    

Put Massachusetts First

Since being elected to office, Elizabeth Warren has put Massachusetts in the rearview mirror.  She has spent her time fundraising for Democrat candidates across the country and writing books to put over $1.6 million in her pocket. Geoff strongly believes that we need a Senator focused on you and your needs.  He has promised to be a full time Senator not a part-time author.  He will not travel the country to sell books;  he’ll travel the Commonwealth to work with you and make Massachusetts great again.

July 05, 2017    

Lower the Tax Burden

Geoff Diehl is the only candidate in the race who has put money in your wallet.  He led the successful ballot question to repeal automatic gas tax hikes—saving us $2 billion.  We have avoided 3 gas tax increases due to Geoff. Geoff has made and kept the promise to vote against all tax increases.  He is the only candidate in the race to have earned a 100% rating in standing up for taxpayers.

September 07, 2017    

Second Amendment

Geoff Diehl supports our inherent rights protected by the Second Amendment. As a legislator and unlike any other candidate in this race, Geoff Diehl is the only person with a proven track record of standing up to protect the Second Amendment. All too often politicians propose legislation that abuses our Second Amendment rights to appear tough on crime to the general public.  Geoff knows the difference between fighting crime and disarming law-abiding citizens.  Limiting our Second Amendment rights does not translate into tough-on-crime measures.  It doesn’t make anyone safer.  It only punishes law-abiding citizens! As our next U.S. Senator, Geoff will support national reciprocity legislation.

November 09, 2017    


On November 9, 2017, Geoff Diehl announced a comprehensive 10-point plan to improve veterans’ health care and post military development. As our next United States Senator, Geoff Diehl wants to ensure that each and every veteran who has served and sacrificed for their country has quality medical care and the support system they need to make the transition back to a civilian life.  To that end, the Diehl plan supports allowing veterans to take control of their own health care as well as enhanced efforts in the areas of professional training and education of the public regarding veterans’ issues, with an increased focus on support for women veterans. Read the full plan here.  

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