July 13, 2018    

Health Care

Patients First.

As a father of two teenage daughters and husband, Geoff Diehl understands the importance of quality health plans and care that are affordable to families.

As our next United States Senator, Geoff will work to make health care affordable, accessible, and focused on serving patients.  

Health care insurance costs should not be exceeding mortgage payments.  However, government bureaucracy doesn’t make anyone healthier. That’s why Geoff supports repealing Obamacare and fixing the health care system so that people can make their own decisions.  Objectives for a new system must include: families having a choice on coverage, being able to buy health insurance across state lines, driving down pharmaceutical costs, requiring that people with pre-existing conditions be able to obtain coverage, demanding transparency in provider pricing, repealing the medical device tax, and giving states flexibility with their Medicaid funds to implement programs to care for the poor.  Moreover, Geoff wants a system that no longer encourages employers to cut the hours of workers or staffing levels to avoid providing health care.

Geoff Diehl understands that out of control health care costs and pharmaceutical expenses must be reined in.  Unlike any other candidate in this race, Geoff has a record of opposing the switch from a functioning state system to the flawed ACA.  Overnight, the Obamacare website stopped working –costing taxpayers over $1 billion in covering those who were actually able to pay for their own coverage but couldn’t be verified until the website was repaired.  As a legislator, he has worked to end the sales tax being collected on over-the-counter-drugs to provide savings for consumers.

Contrast that with Senator Elizabeth Warren, who supports socialized medicine which will result in a complete government takeover.  That’s like putting Obamacare on steroids—causing an even bigger breakdown of the system. Unlike Warren, Geoff doesn’t want a government bureaucrat getting between you and your health care decisions, nor a system where patients wait months for care, as in Great Britain and Canada, homes of socialized medicine that has to be rationed out.  Geoff knows that medical decisions belong in the hands of doctors and patients, not government bureaucrats.

Senator Elizabeth Warren claims to be for patient health and against the big insurance companies but before she was elected, she was paid $212,000 by Travelers, the nation’s largest insurer, to help that company gain permanent immunity from asbestos-related lawsuits.  The rhetoric doesn’t match the reality.

Geoff will be a Senator that puts patients first.