April 25, 2018    


Boston, MA … Today Representative Geoff Diehl, candidate for U.S. Senate, officially filed over 10,000 certified signatures with the Secretary of State’s office. “I am pleased that so many people were willing to sign our nomination papers. I am proud of our grassroots team that made this possible. This shows we have the boots-on-the-ground strength to defeat Elizabeth Warren,” said Diehl. The Diehl Team collected over 19,000 signatures. Roughly 14,100 were certified at the town halls. The signatures were only collected by volunteers. Last fall the Diehl team collected over 10,000 signatures to help get the initiative to roll back the sales tax to 5% on the ballot. In 2014, his team collected 120,000 signatures to successfully repeal automatic gas tax hikes. The Diehl campaign has won every straw poll. Diehl has outraised his primary opponents who have not filed signatures. He has over 17,000 individual donors to the campaign….

April 23, 2018    

Easton Republicans Endorse Diehl

Easton, MA … Today Representative Geoff Diehl, candidate for U.S. Senate, announced that he has received the unanimous endorsement of the Easton Republican Town Committee. “I am honored to have received the Easton Republican Town Committee’s endorsement. I am working around the clock and with growing support from so many committees like Easton, we have the momentum building for November,” said Diehl. “Over the years I have worked with many of the people on the committee. They were vital to our efforts to successfully repeal automatic gas tax hikes. “As the midterm election approaches, our local Republican Town Committee discussed the GOP candidates in depth and evaluated who was most suited to defeat Elizabeth Warren and represent true conservative values for Massachusetts in the US Senate. Geoff Diehl was the unanimous choice because of his record, and his support for the current administration and its goals of reducing government waste…

April 23, 2018    

Diehl Files Amendment to Exempt OTC Drugs From Sales Tax

Boston, MA…Today Rep. Geoff Diehl (R-Whitman) filed a budget amendment that will exempt over the counter drugs from the sales tax. “The Commonwealth of Massachusetts exempts necessities from the sales tax. With so many people relying on over the counter drugs for basic health care, they are a necessity. It is time to exempt them from this regressive tax and make these drugs more affordable for families and seniors,” said Diehl. Twelve other states either don’t tax these types of medication or have no sales tax what so ever. The state of Connecticut recently passed an exemption. “Massachusetts doesn’t collect taxes on the sale of food, clothing and college books. It just seems to make sense to exempt these drugs that provide pain relief and other valuable help,” said Diehl. OTC medications help people who suffer from pain, sleep deprivation, colds, flu, injuries and weakened immune systems to name a…

April 17, 2018    

DIEHL: Taxpayers Pay More With Warren

Braintree, MA … Today on tax day Representative Geoff Diehl, candidate for U.S. Senate, criticized Senator Elizabeth Warren’s record on taxes. “This is the day we dread every year when we have to pay our tax bills. We would be paying even more if Elizabeth Warren had her way. She voted against the tax reform bill that helped 80 percent of Massachusetts residents and that also supplied pay raises and electric rate decreases,” said Diehl. Taxes are a dividing issue between Diehl and Warren. According to the National Tax Limitation Committee, Warren has a failed record of “zero” in standing up for the taxpayers in Washington. While she wants people to pay more, Diehl led the successful effort to repeal automatic gas tax hikes—saving taxpayers $2 billion. He has earned a perfect record in the Massachusetts House of Representatives from Citizens for Limited Taxation. Moreover, Diehl is the only candidate…

April 13, 2018    

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April 12, 2018    

Diehl: Warren’s words don’t match actions as she heads to Ohio

Whitman, MA … Today Representative Geoff Diehl, candidate for U.S. Senate, criticized Senator Elizabeth Warren for traveling to Ohio this coming weekend. “So much for the plan,” said Diehl. During a town hall meeting last week, Warren said it was her “plan” to stay in the Senate and not to run for President. Within days of her “plan” comment, she has sent out a fundraising email regarding the Florida senate race and now she is traveling to Ohio. Both states are extremely important in the presidential sweepstakes. “Senator Warren’s words don’t match her actions. She cannot stay focused on Massachusetts for one week,” said Diehl. “Warren won’t sign the 6 year pledge because it is clear she is not focused on her job, but rather running for president.” Warren recently donated $5000 to every Democrat State Party in the nation. She also traveled to Asia to build up her foreign…

April 11, 2018    


Boston, MA … Today outside of the State House, Representative Geoff Diehl, candidate for U.S. Senate, proudly announced the endorsement of the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office County Correctional Officers Association. “I am honored to receive this important endorsement so early in the process. This recognizes that I am the law and order candidate who will make public safety a priority,” said Diehl. “I am committed to proudly supporting our law enforcement officials who put their lives on the line to keep us safe.” “We have taken the opportunity to review your stance on several issues that affect our communities within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Geoff’s experience and vision for the future of the people of Massachusetts has given us great confidence in his abilities to represent us in Washington. We believe Geoff’s election to the U.S. Senate will lead the Commonwealth in the right direction which will result in a stronger…

April 09, 2018    

Diehl Tops Fundraising

Braintee, MA … Today Representative Geoff Diehl, candidate for U.S. Senate, announced that he has topped his Republican opponents in fundraising, once again. Diehl raised a total of $324,000 for the first quarter. “I am extremely pleased that we continue to grow support and momentum every day. Voters are responding overwhelmingly positively to our message that its time for the real deal,” said Diehl. “Our grassroots and fundraising strength shows that we are the campaign that can and will defeat Elizabeth Warren.” Since opening his Federal Election Commission account, Diehl has raised $1,334,000. That’s almost twice the amount of his primary opponents. Diehl has over 17,600 donors to his campaign. The average contribution size for the 2018 first quarter is $66. Diehl has won every straw poll and has been picking up numerous endorsements including the Watertown Republican Town Committee, the Hanson Republican Town Committee, the Bourne Republican Town Committee,…

April 06, 2018    

Diehl: Warren Plays Belated April Fools

Diehl: Warren Voted Against Funds to Fight Opioid Addiction Boston, MA … Today, Representative Geoff Diehl, candidate for U.S. Senate, criticized Senator Elizabeth Warren for her vote against the 21st Century Cures Act that contained $12 million for fighting opioid addiction in Massachusetts. “When given a chance to fight opioid addiction, Warren voted no. She was the only member of the Massachusetts delegation to vote ‘no.’ She didn’t just vote against it. Warren lobbied against the bill that provided $12 million to our state to fight the epidemic. Now we are supposed to believe that she cares. This new bill she is filing reeks of being an election year stunt and a bad belated April fool’s joke,” said Diehl. Warren is expected to announce that she is filing a new bill with $100 billion in funding to fight opioid addiction. However, if Warren had had her way by defeating the…

April 05, 2018    

Boston Ward 1 Republicans Endorse Diehl

Boston, MA … Today Representative Geoff Diehl, candidate for U.S. Senate, announced that he has received the unanimous endorsement of the Boston Ward 1 Republican Committee. “I am proud to receive this endorsement and encouragement from the Boston Ward 1 Republican Committee. Their support shows that we are the campaign with the message and the momentum to win,” said Diehl. “Our committee voted unanimously to support Geoff Diehl’s candidacy for the United States Senate. Not only do we believe that he is our best chance for defeating Elizabeth Warren, but he is also the best chance for making real progress in Washington on issues of controlling government spending, stopping illegal immigration and growing jobs,” said Joe Steffano, Chairman of the Boston Ward 1 Republican Committee. “Unlike any other candidate in this race, Geoff has a proven track record. He saved us all $2 billion by repealing automatic gas tax hikes….

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