August 16, 2017    

Geoff Diehl and “Where’s Warren?” featured on Fox & Friends

On Wednesday, U.S. Senate candidate Geoff Diehl was featured on Fox & Friends to talk about his campaign to defeat Elizabeth Warren and the recent launch of the “Where’s Warren?” Report. “Senator Warren has put Massachusetts into the rearview mirror.  She has been more focused on selling books and building a national profile,” said Diehl. Warren has traveled across the country this year to sell her new book. Her trips have included Michigan, Tennessee, New York multiple times and California multiple times. Last year she crisscrossed the country to campaign for Democrat candidates. “My campaign has launched a Facebook and Twitter account that asks “Where’s Warren?” said Diehl.  “This past weekend, she was building her national profile in Georgia and ‘resisting,’ instead of assisting the people of Massachusetts.  As your next U.S. Senator, I will put Massachusetts first.”

August 16, 2017    

Diehl for Senate thanks motorcycle community

I would like to personally thank you as a member of the Massachusetts motorcycle riding community for all that you do year-round to support local charities, communities, and people in need. Bikers generously give their time and resources to participate in a variety of charitable endeavors. You along with other fellow bikers are patriotic and dedicated to helping our fellow citizens in time of need. I am so grateful for all that you do. The motorcycle community also teams up with veterans, law enforcement, and public safety first responders as well as many others to ensure that those who risk their lives to serve our nation and their families are given the full respect that they deserve. When a service member, police officer, or fire fighter sacrifices their life in the line of duty, bikers are always there to honor the fallen and assist the families suffering loss. Riders also…

August 15, 2017    

Diehl for Senate launches “Where’s Warren?” Report

Whitman, MA … Today Representative Geoff Diehl (R-Whitman) announced that he has launched a Facebook Page and Twitter Account to help track Senator Elizabeth Warren’s travels. “Senator Warren has put Massachusetts into the rearview mirror. She has been more focused on selling books and building a national profile. As the next United States Senator, I will be for the people of Massachusetts. I will put the people first not politics,” said Diehl. “Over the past two weeks our Senator has said she works every day for Massachusetts. Where is she today? Georgia. That’s not Massachusetts.” Warren is speaking at the Netroots conference in Georgia. It is the nation’s leading progressive conference. While she is in Georgia building her national image, Diehl is promising to hold monthly meetings across the state when elected. Residents will not have to wait years to see their Senator. “I will be coming home to…

August 14, 2017    

The Real Diehl For Springfield

Geoff Diehl is pledging to put the people of Massachusetts first.  In Springfield, he announced his candidacy at a gas station. SPRINGFIELD – It was an unusual choice to present a campaign kick-off event – a gas station on a busy street. State Rep. Geoff Diehl, though, wanted his emphasize his involvement with the successful effort that repealed an automatic increase of the Commonwealth’s gas tax. Diehl appeared at Welker’s Gulf Station on Allen Street to announce his run for the Senate against incumbent Elizabeth Warren. The Republican state representative is from Whitman and has served in the House since 2011. He has been involved in an effort to block a pay raise for legislators and to prevent the organizers of a proposed Boston Olympics from being able to use state funds if the Olympics came to Boston. Read the full article here. 

August 11, 2017    

Diehl for Senate Launches New Trailer

WHITMAN-  The Diehl for Senate campaign has launched its Formal Announcement Trailer from the August 1 Kickoff Event at the Whitman VFW.  “What can I do for you?  What can I do for us?  What can I do for Massachusetts?”  The Real Diehl promises to put the people of Massachusetts first.

August 10, 2017    

Diehl Pledges to Put People First

Geoff Diehl was in Springfield for his kick-off tour.  He is promising to put the Massachusetts people first. SPRINGFIELD — Taking issue with Massachusetts’ current representation on Capitol Hill, state Rep. Geoff Diehl, R-Whitman, told Springfield residents Thursday he will be proactive and focus on issues important to constituents if elected to the U.S. Senate in 2018. Diehl, who officially entered the Senate race earlier this week, touted his campaign’s vision and experience on Beacon Hill during a morning news conference at the Welker Gulf gas station on Allen Street. The stop came as part of as part of his campaign’s “Kick-off Tour” across the state. Contending that “putting the agenda of the people of Massachusetts first (is) the most important work” that can be done as a U.S. senator, Diehl said he will prioritize job creation, efforts to combat opioid addiction and other issues important to state residents if…

August 09, 2017    

How Geoff Diehl will defeat Elizabeth Warren

Geoff Diehl campaigns for U.S. Senate in Andover with Rep. Jim Lyons. Diehl led the grassroots movement to successfully repeal automatic gas tax hikes. Read the full article here. 

July 05, 2017    

Diehl Interviewed on 502 Conversations

Goeff Diehl was interviewed on 502 Conversations by Brian Kerby. You can watch the video below.

June 30, 2017    

WRKO: Diehl Talk “Sanctuary Cities”

Geoff was interviewed on WRKO AM 680 on the subject of legislation that would make Massachusetts a “sanctuary state.” You can listen to the interview here.

June 30, 2017    

Letter to the Editor: Saving Taxpayer Money

William H. Doherty of Centerville writes in the Cape Cod Times: It comes later in Massachusetts due to our state being Taxachusetts. It would come even later if it weren’t for state Rep. Geoff Diehl of Whitman. He led the successful fight to repeal automatic gas tax hikes! Our gas taxes would have increased three times by now if it weren’t for Geoff. He has saved taxpayers $2 billion. Read the full letter here.

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