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November 16, 2017

Diehl: Where’s Warren on Franken?

Whitman, MA … Today Representative Geoff Diehl (R-Whitman), candidate for U.S. Senate, asked Senator Elizabeth Warren to denounce Senator Al Franken now that he has admitted to sexually assaulting a woman. “Warren has made numerous videos with Senator Franken on a variety of issues. She knows him well. I am asking her to address the issue,” said Diehl. “Will she continue to make videos with him? More importantly, does she believe Franken should be able to serve in the Senate or not? Should he resign?” Diehl called upon Warren to donate the funds she received from Harvey Weinstein, which she did. However, Warren has failed to address the issue of Ben Affleck’s money when Diehl asked. Affleck has admitted to groping Hilarie Burton and now other allegations have surfaced. Diehl has also asked Warren to rid her campaign account of the tainted funds she has received from Senator Bob Menendez’s…

November 09, 2017

The Diehl Plan to Improve Veterans Health Care and Post Military Development

The Goals of the Diehl Plan As our next United States Senator, Geoff Diehl wants to ensure that each and every veteran who has served and sacrificed for their country has quality medical care and the support system they need to make the transition back to a civilian life. To that end the Diehl plan supports allowing veterans to take control of their own health care as well as enhanced efforts in the areas of professional training and education of the public regarding veterans’ issues, with an increased focus on support for women veterans. Ensure that every Veteran has the choice to seek care either at the VA facility or a private service provider of their choice: Currently veterans are waiting 2 months for appointments and 1 in 6 VA clinics are over capacity. The reasons for the backlog are twofold. One, medical records are not easily accessible causing a…

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