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September 24, 2018

Massachusetts First Vs. Massachusetts Last

Diehl has Airplane Pillow for Warren and Asks Her to Disclose Frequent Flyer Miles for the Weekend Saugus, MA…Today Geoff Diehl, the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, announced that he has an airplane pillow for Senator Elizabeth Warren who puts Massachusetts last. “For the Senator who puts Massachusetts last, I have an airplane pillow to help her sleep on the long flights as she ignores the Commonwealth,” said Diehl.  “Warren is a new-found supporter of transparency.  Will she disclose how many frequent flyer miles she racked up this weekend?” Warren traveled to both Pennsylvania and her home state of Oklahoma this weekend.  While traveling, her campaign apparatus was sending out emails and tweets on behalf of non-Massachusetts candidates and running Facebook ads across the country and in Oklahoma. “There were many parades and fairs across Massachusetts this past weekend.  Warren snubbed all of them for Oklahoma and Pennsylvania.  While she…

September 23, 2018

Massachusetts First Vs. Massachusetts Last

Braintree, MA…Today Geoff Diehl, the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, called out Senator Elizabeth Warren for putting Massachusetts last.  With 45/44 days left until the election, Warren spent her weekend in Oklahoma and Pennsylvania while Diehl crisscrossed Massachusetts traveling to Bedford, Leominster, Hudson, Brockton, Andover, Lawrence and Hingham. “Massachusetts deserves a Senator who will put them first instead of last,” said Diehl. “Like Martha Coakley going on vacation before the election, Warren is showing how disinterested she is in serving as our U.S. Senator.” Warren was in her home state of Oklahoma on Saturday to speak at a rally.  Today, she is headlining a high-dollar fundraiser in Pennsylvania for Democrat Congressional candidates where a photo with her costs $10,800.  Last week Diehl exposed that Warren was running 12 Facebook ads targeting only Oklahoma residents. “I am racking up the miles in the RV traveling Massachusetts.  Warren is racking up the…

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