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December 07, 2017

Diehl’s Statement on Resignation of Franken: Warren still has questions to answer

Diehl Wants Senators and Congressional Members To Be Personally Responsible Not Taxpayers Whitman, MA … Today Representative Geoff Diehl (R-Whitman), candidate for U.S. Senate, stated that Senator Al Franken’s resignation still leaves many unanswered questions for Senator Elizabeth Warren. “Even when by his own admission Franken sexually assaulted a woman, Warren only wanted an ethics investigation. It was an insiders’ type response,” said Diehl. “Warren has still failed to donate the money she received from Ben Affleck, who also admitted to groping women. Moreover, Warren has failed to demand accountability of Senators and Congressional members who have sexually harassed staff. Taxpayers should not be paying for a hush fund!” The Congressional Office of Compliance revealed that hundreds of women have been victims of sexual harassment by members of Congress. During the past 10 years, over $15 million in awards and settlements have been paid out using taxpayer funds for Capitol…

November 28, 2017

Diehl on Wheels Mobile Office Will Provide Accessibility

Boston, MA … Today, Representative Geoff Diehl, candidate for U.S. Senate, rolled out his mobile office – a 30-foot wrapped RV. “This is literally our biggest announcement. We are going to be rolling across Massachusetts to talk to voters about lowering their tax burden, fighting illegal immigration, growing jobs, and putting Massachusetts first,” said Diehl. “Elizabeth Warren has spent her time in the Senate writing and selling books. I am going to put the people first. When elected, this RV will serve as my mobile office. As Senator I will go town to town to hear people’s concerns and help them solve problems,” said Diehl. “Unlike the incumbent, I won’t ignore the state for years.” Up until this year, Warren has held only 5 town hall meetings. Since announcing re-election, she has held 14 town hall meetings attempting to rewrite her record of putting Massachusetts in the rearview mirror to…

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