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October 16, 2018

Diehl: Warren Won’t Help MA Businesses, I’ll Be A Pro Jobs Senator

Taunton, MA… Today at the Taunton Chamber of Commerce Representative Geoff Diehl, Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, promised to promote the small business community and jobs to keep the economy rolling.  He also criticized Senator Elizabeth Warren’s failed record on the economy and warned that her desire to raise taxes 50 to 90 percent would be devastating to Massachusetts. “I am glad to be in Taunton once again.  I believe Taunton deserves a full time Senator who will help grow jobs,” said Diehl. “My wife and I put our life savings to start her studio.  We worked for a long time before taking a paycheck.  I know the difficulties business owners face and how government can make it hard to be an entrepreneur.  As your next Senator, you can count on me to cut needless regulations and keep taxes low.” “Warren has never created a job.  She doesn’t believe that you…

October 15, 2018

DIEHL Calls for Warren to Drop Out: Video and Washington Post Article Proves Warren Running for President

Braintree, MA… Today Representative Geoff Diehl, Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, called on Senator Elizabeth Warren to do right by Massachusetts and drop out of the race for U.S. Senate.  Diehl says Warren’s latest video and Washington Post article prove that her true intentions are to run for President. “Warren’s video shows that she is more focused on her presidential ambitions than being the Senator for Massachusetts.  Furthermore, the Washington Post article exposed how untruthful she has been with Massachusetts voters.  She has put staff in early primary states, created a war room and taken over as the Democrat Party,” said Diehl.  “Massachusetts deserves a Senator who puts our state first rather than last.” The Washington Post article exposed Warren’s Presidential campaign activities including: raising $7.6 million for Democrat candidates, coordinating with 150 campaigns nationally, putting staff in early primary states, going to donate another $460,000 to campaigns, contributing $5000…

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